Saturday, May 14, 2011


Another podcast is coming your way.

On Saturday June 4th, THE FILM LOCKER will burst out of the blocks for a weekly sprint through the summer. The idea is to offer counter-programming, just in case you don't want to subject yourself to transforming trucks, caribbean pirates, or american captains. Instead, dvd's will be taken off the shelf ("out of the locker" as it were) and discussed with the hopes that you'll be tempted to watch them again...or perhaps for the first time!

After what will have been four months sitting on the podcasting sidelines, Simon Columb of Screen Insight returns to the airwaves. Joining him will be The Mad Hatter from The Dark of The Matinee. Together they'll provide weekly doses of classics and counter-programming.

Each show will focus on a different director, and zero in on some of our favorite offerings from these talented auteurs. So keep an eye open for more news in the run-up to the premiere, mark off June 4th on your calendar, and get ready to unlock the locker.


  1. Don't we get to know what you are focusing on in beforehand? Would be great to be able to watch a dvd prior to the podcast!

  2. theres a little tease in todays post Joel.