Friday, August 5, 2011

Episode 9 Scoreboard

The all star continues her dominance, but the lead remains a tight one.

Rachel Thuro got in first again with Episode 9 trivia (which continues to stupify me given how inconvenient a time these episodes post for her. But Rhys stays in close with a second place pickup again this week. Three episodes left, the win still very much to be determined.

Here are the results after nine rounds, with everyone's point pickup for this episode listed in parenthesis...

Rachel Thuro 135 (+24)
Rhys Bendeix-Lewis 119 (+18)
Andrew Buckle 79 (+10)
Courtney Small 60 (0)
Duke 32 (0)
Alison 28 (+6)
Shane McNeil 18 (0)
Joel Burman 15 (0)
Jess Rogers 4 (0)
Andrew Robinson 3 (0)

Hatter's Questions:
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE won all but two of the Oscars it was nominated for.

Naomi Harris has been cast as Moneypenny in Bond 23.

Robert Carlyle's character in THE BEACH is named after Daffy Duck.

Simon's Questions:
ALIEN LOVE TRIANGLE was supposed to be part of a trilogy with MIMIC and THE IMPOSTER.

Jim Cartwright wrote the scripts for Strumpet and Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise

John Murphy has worked with Danny Boyle 5 times

Entries for Trivia close at noon EST on the Friday after the show; please email all answers to The prize dvd/blu-ray can be worth a maximum $30 USD on

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