Monday, August 29, 2011

Series One Final Scoreboard

All apologies for the radio silence as we wrapped up the show dear listeners. I dare say that when we set out to map our course for the first summer of joint podcasting, neither Simon nor I factored in details like vacations or website redesigns.

But you have stuck with us, and for that we thank you. We will both be cross-posting material to this space as the months go on, especially since many of the directors we mentioned in Series One have films on the horizon ("Paging Mr. Fincher!").

But for the matter at hand, the final scoreboard, which includes the results from rounds eleven and twelve. Here's how it all shook down...

Winner! Rachel Thuro 203 (+44)
Rhys Bendeix-Lewis 156 (+27)
Courtney Small 90 (+15)
Andrew Buckle 79 (+0)
Duke 32 (0)
Alison 28 (0)
Shane McNeil 18 (0)
Joel Burman 15 (0)
Jess Rogers 4 (0)
Andrew Robinson 3 (0)

Congratulations Rachel on dominating the trivia during Series One!

As mentioned during the final moments of Episode Twelve we know for certain that we want to do a Series Two, we just aren't completely set on when, so please keep an eye either on this space, or our respective blogs for details.

We're also open to suggestions on which directors we should cover, so if you want to make a request, email it in and we'll take it under advisement.

Last but not least, please consider one of two small favours now that series one is complete. Please think about spreading the word, since series one's seven hour runtime makes for pretty decent listening to a newcomer over the course of a week or two. Likewise, please consider dropping a rating and/or comment on iTunes which might get us a slightly higher profile.

For now though, thanks so much for making Series One a success - you'll be hearing from us again soon.


Simon & Hatter


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