Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Film Locker #1: Martin Scorsese and 'Goodfellas'

For me, the primary purpose of blogging and podcasting is to learn and to improve on my film interest through writing, reflecting and discussing cinema with a broad range of like-minded people. The 'dream' of joining film journalism in a professional sense is something that I do intend to work towards and, moreso, to even break in Film Academia by writing about cinema.

These 12-episodes are part of one series focussing exclusively on directors - choosing one film to extrapolate (love that word) from. In some cases, these are directors that I know through and through, in other cases they are directors I have had to research - and this podcast is a great outlet to relay the knowledge I have learnt.

It's a big job and takes a while to prepare, record and edit - but so far, it has been worth it. By keeping it as a limited run, we can reflect and improve if we decide to continue...

It is already up on itunes and can be found easily on podomatic - so, please do try and write reviews and support us if you can! We have the ol' RSS feed and 2.0 RSS and, if you link in different ways, we also have it on Google and Yahoo

Here we go:

Series 1: Episode 1 - Martin Scorsese and 'Goodfellas'

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  1. I'm not exactly sure how this works... I finally listened through this podcast and I LOVE IT. Hatter & Simon, you've done something I've been mulling out about doing... style and presentation wise... now I have to create a whole new idea for my shorter supplement podcast (ARGGHHH)

    anyways I wanted to submit my responses for the questions posed at the end of the show: (or do I email them?) anyways I'll put them here and we'll see if that's cool or not.

    Simon's Questions:
    1. 7
    2. 40
    3. The Departed

    Hatter's Qestions:
    1. NO CLUE
    2. The Rolling Stones & The Band
    3. Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas & Steven Spielberg

    - Andrew from Gmanreviews.

  2. @ Andrew... Drop me an email - curious to know what you've been working on and if I can help you brainstorm it a little.