Monday, June 20, 2011

"Sometimes, if things are closed, you just, open them up." (Simon reviews EASTERN PROMISES)

As my Top Shelf pick, Eastern Promises still resides high on my list of favourite Cronenberg films. I mentioned, multiple times, the artistic references within the film and, way back, when I initially reviewed the film I managed to support my theory with images of the Mannerist Art Movement.

Strangely enough, the review even recalls my first discussion with Hatter on his Matineecast! Its strange how time flies ...

Here is a little more depth on the issue:

The stronger link is the sequence in the sauna as Nikolai is mistaken for Kirill and is nearly murdered - he is forced to fight for himself. Mannerism was a period in art history that followed the Rennaissance and preceded the Baroque period. Michelangelo was one of - if not, the first of the - Mannerist artists.

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  1. Very nice review Simon,

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