Friday, July 1, 2011

Episode 4 Scoreboard

The woman who sits atop the scoreboard gave our listeners a whopping three days to jump in and play catch-up...but even with the leeway, Mrs. Thuro came up big once again.

The results after four rounds, with everyone's point pickup for this episode listed in parenthesis...

Rachel Thuro 61 (+24)
Rhys Bendeix-Lewis 50 (+15)
Andrew Buckle 32 (+8)
Courtney Small 25 (0)
Shane McNeil 18 (0)
Duke 17 (+5)
Jess Rogers 4 (+4)
Andrew Robinson 3 (0)

Hatter's Questions:
Joel Coen is married to Frances McDormand

The Coen Brothers edit under the pseudonym "Roderick Jaynes"

Blood Simple was remade by Chinese director Zhang Yimou in 2009 and retitled A WOMAN, A GUN, AND A NOODLE SHOP.

Simon's Questions:
BLOOD SIMPLE is The Coen Brothers lowest grossing feature.

Joel Coen was assistant editor on Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD

Roger Deakins will be the director of photography for the upcoming James Bond film.

Entries for Trivia close at noon EST on the Friday after the show; please email all answers to The prize dvd/blu-ray can be worth a maximum $30 USD on


  1. Wow .. what the hell. I got every question right with the exception of "Blood simple".

    How did I only get four points, not be a soar loser. Just wondering?

  2. @ Duke... You used a translation of the Chinese title of "Noodle Shop" that I'd never heard of. But upon further research, I notice that you are correct. I've goven you an additional point.