Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Film Locker #5: Stanley Kubrick

After a week spent discussing the new school, we go back to the classics with a man some of you love, and some of you love to hate: Stanley Kubrick. Feature discussion this week centres on what we believe is "Kubrick 101" - his 1980 horror classic THE SHINING.

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  1. Great and interesting blog you have going here. I love Kubrick. Well Done!

  2. "His disdain for actors have become legendary"--that one you're going to have to prove.

  3. Interesting discussion. Talking of the opening credits, the cutting room left-over footage was re-used for the original ending of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner(which was cut from the directors cut + final cut versions)

    For me, Kubrick's film is not so scary, almost funny at times.I recently wrote a researched review of The Shining, you might want to check out?