Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Film Locker #8: Michael Mann

You ready for action? Good - because we have a modern master of shoot-em-up comin' at you today by way of Michael Mann. Mann has one of the shorter filmographies of our directors to date - and his last two films are especially tough sells - but when it comes to great human drama, action, and heist...there's little out there that can top HEAT.

Make sure you email the filmlocker [at] to enter the competition because that points race has gone neck-and-neck. At press time (10am EST on Saturday) nobody has emailed answers yet. 24 points worth of cheddar for the taking folks: Who wants it?

You can also email in if you want to simply expand on stuff we're talking about - we will endeavour to email you back!

Finally, the blog itself is and it has access to lots more reading material on the directors we have discussed. Not sure how much new material we'll have on Mann this week, but do check in.

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