Friday, July 8, 2011

Episode 5 Scoreboard

Looks like there are quite a few Kubrick fans in our listener base. I for one found that a little bit surprising as I was under the impression that Stan the Man had a lot of haters out there who found him to be overhyped. I guess anyone who thinks that way either isn't in our meagre listener base, or gave this episode a skip.

To the scoreboard before we put Kubrick to bed.

Mrs. Thuro is officially the one to beat in this little competition as she puts up monster numbers again this week and increases her lead. Can she be stopped? or should I start asking her which dvd she wants? Here's the way it all shook down this week, with the points pickup in parenthesis...

Rachel Thuro 85 (+24)
Rhys Bendeix-Lewis 55 (+5)
Andrew Buckle 44 (+12)
Duke 32 (+15)
Courtney Small 30 (+5)
Shane McNeil 18 (0)
Jess Rogers 4 (0)
Andrew Robinson 3 (0)

Simon's Questions:
Peter Sellers, Kirk Douglas, and Frank Silvera make the most appearances in Kubrick's films.

The reasearch for the abandonned NAPOLEON project became BARRY LYNDON.

Peter Sellers played three different roles in DR. STRANGELOVE.

Hatter's Questions:
During a scene in the 1996 film TWISTER, a tornado rips through a drive-in theatre's showing of THE SHINING.

Up until recently, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE was banned in The UK.

Every Stanley Kubrick film involves a scene inside a bathroom.

Entries for Trivia close at noon EST on the Friday after the show; please email all answers to The prize dvd/blu-ray can be worth a maximum $30 USD on


  1. I'm so confused haha. I got one question incorrect.

    Is it by who submits first?

  2. @ Duke... We explained that two weeks back. The first person to respond gets 4 points per right answer. Next person 3 per, next 2 per, everyone else 1 per.

    You were the second person to email, so your five correct answers at three points per landed you a fifteen on the week.

  3. It seems pretty clear that being the first to respond is key...

  4. Is their a way to block out Rachel's e-mail?