Monday, July 18, 2011

"She Just Up And Ran Away" (Simon reviews WHO IS IT? Music Video)

I am a huge, self-confessed, Michael Jackson fan. I have all his albums and DVD's - even that special box set with DVD on one side and the original single on the other side. He was a God among men. I even had tickets to the This Is It concert at the O2 before he died. Though I didn't pay £75 for a ticket stub - I got a refund. I'm not a complete mug.

At any rate, Michael Jackson's music videos attracted the best in the industry - not only do we note David Fincher with Who Is It? but also Martin Scorsese working on Bad (the full length version) and Spike Lee on the two versions of They Don't Really Care About Us. Because he worked with the best, often his music videos had much more depth than many people thought. I wrote it a while back - so some of the statements are false (namely my, at-the-time, lack of knowledge of Cronenberg), but I still manage to mention the director within the conetxt of MJ's video:

"I'm going to mention two directors whom I know little of - David Lynch and David Cronenberg. The shiny cars, the shiny walls, the mysterious hooded woman ... am I right? I watched Cronenberg's 'Crash' years ago and - obviously - due to the nature of the film (eroticism and cars) it relied heavily on the metallic sheen of vehicles, so this did seem to recall that but 'Crash' ... Throughout the video, we often see a face emerge from flat, clean surfaces and this is completely surreal so that might be the link - Lynch and his Surrealism."

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