Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Without fear I'm capable of anything" (Simon reviews BAD EDUCATION)

This is my personal favourite film of Pedro's! I believe that when Almodovar is on fire is when he is tackling subject he has a close association to and understanding - in this case it is an understanding of cinema, relationships and experience of a Catholic school.

The film plays with what is fiction and what could be fact - the idea that you never fully understand a situation unless you are directly involved yourself. The attractive young male is very different to the drug-abusing transvestite ... and it changes your perception on the events. Hidden identity is at the core of the film - and how people hide behind masks to give the impression they are something they are not.

"everyone seems to be playing a role: Father Manola and his 'hidden side' abusing children, Juan pretending to be his brother, Ignacio himself, - as a transexual - in an excpetionally false feminine look. These multiple characters make the film irresitably intricate - multiple levels and understandings behind each characters - nobodys motives are clear."

Just look at the visual splendour it is steeped in - the picture I chose alone shows how incredibly talented Almodovar is. If you want to read more, just click here

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