Monday, July 25, 2011

"What keeps you up nights, Mr. Dillinger?" (Hatter reviews PUBLIC ENEMIES)

I remember the pre-publicity for this. How could they get it wrong - depression-era Gangster film, Johny Depp playing Dillinger, Michael Mann direction. It was a sure-fire hit. All the pictures looked stunning and it was merely a question of whether the film would pay off on release. Then the reviews came in ... mixed.
Hatter wrote - "However, patience is a virtue, and patient audiences will be rewarded as the second half of this movie really takes off. From the moment of the Dillinger/Nelson heist, director Michael Mann shifts the movie into a higher gear, and suddenly decides to deliver on the sexiness of the story. One of the highlights is an explosive gunfight at a rural Wisconsin Inn, which evokes memories of the downtown L.A. shootout in HEAT. Interestingly, it’s the last pure action scene in the movie. The rest of the way, Mann goes cat-and-mouse and lets the intriguing nature of the manhunt entertain the audience"

Suffice to say, it was not as good as we expected and - in the first instance, Hatter wrote his semi-positive review. For the full review... just click here.

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