Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Hey Joe, what do you know?" (HATTER reviews A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE)

For 12 years, Stanley Kubrick worked on this project. Originally intended to be released much earlier, originally it was Joseph Mazello (the lad in Jurassic Park who has only recently starred in The Social Network and The Pacific HBO TV-Series) who was due to play 'David'.

As part of the 1001 Film To See Before You Die, Hatter reviewed the title noting the following:

"Sadly this team effort is not without questions, as Kubrick unfortunately passed away before the project went ahead. Thus understanding exactly where Kubrick's ideas end and Spielberg's begin is foggy at best, and might even contribute to what doesn't work with this film (more on that later). That said, it is amazing to see touchstones of two geniuses in the same film. Only in A.I. can we get silhouettes against the moon and the chin-down-eyes-up glares"

He expanded further on Kubrick's trademarks that feature - and what Spielberg may have interpretted badly in his full review, which you can see by clicking here 

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