Friday, July 8, 2011

"No horsing around on the airplane!" (Simon reviews DR STRANGELOVE)

As a very recent post on both the Classic Columb of Man I Love Films and, additionally, on my own blog this is the last Kubrick review before the scoreboard comes out...

I have recently gone through a James Bond phase and, I think, Stanley Kubrick clearly knew Ken Adams expansive sets and grand ideas suited his satirical comedy Dr Strangelove exceptionally well by choosing him to design, amongst other things, the board room. Which - if you watch X-Men: First Class very closely, you will see the same room again as the US military base... it seems Dr Strangelove and Dr No clearly represent the sixties exceptionally well...

"One thing which is brilliant about this film is the iconic image of the sixties it portrays. The film is shot entirely in black and white (except for A-bomb videos) giving the film a classical pseudo-importance. The comedy of the time is exemplified in casting Peter Sellers - an actor who, additionally in '63, had starred in iconic 60's film The Pink Panther opposite David Niven and Robert Wagner. Peter Sellers also manages to play multiple roles in the guise of Mandrake (the employee of General Ripper) the President of the United States and playing Dr Strangelove himself. These three roles - the creator (Strangelove), the decider (POTUS) and the everyday man (Mandrake) - present completely differeing opinions and feelings, with positions that are completely opposite to each other."

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